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I’m an author and consultant who lives in New England with my husband. I love making websites and writing poetry. I also love nature.

Pian Shu, PhD


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The Four Noble Truths

Spring 2023

Sadness is the Echo of        …love.
          A quiet string, perturbed         by
          incessant needs

The inquisitive one hops to avoid Disturbance
        The timid drowns in their own tears, (O’ how delicious!)
The eloquent demands Silent acquiescence...
                All this to entertain a crowd that
                minds nobody’s business

Voices leaving space, leaving shores behind
        Crashes: crumble;
              ripples: Ripple!                And dusts...


While a moon, stays stationery,

            up    , in the high sky,

gushing about how all this time: sadness is just —

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