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I’m an author and consultant who lives in New England with my husband. I love making websites and writing poetry. I also love nature.

My Publications

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In American Economic Review: Insights, 2(3):
Foreign Competition and Domestic Innovation: 
Evidence from U.S. Patents

(with David Autor, David Dorn, Gordon Hanson, and Gary Pisano)
[link to publication] [data files]

In Management Science, 66(3):
Entrepreneurial Uncertainty and Expert 
Evaluation: An Empirical Analysis

(with Erin Scott and Roman Lubynsky)
[link to publication]


In Innovation Policy and the Economy, 19:
The Impact of Trade Liberalization on
Firm Productivity and Innovation

(with Claudia Steinwender)
[link to publication] [presentation slides]


In American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, 107(5):
Gender Gap in High-Growth Ventures: Evidence
from a University Venture Mentoring Program

(with Erin Scott)
[link to publication]


In Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 131(A):
Competition and Social Identity in the
Workplace: Evidence from a Chinese Textile Firm

(with Takao Kato)
[link to publication]


In Journal of Public Economics, 129:
Asset Accumulation and Labor Force Participation
of Disability Insurance Applicants

[link to publication]

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