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A View of Santa Fe, April 2021

A View of Kyoto, June 2018






A View of Lake Tahoe, July 2020

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I am an author, freelance consultant, and digital designer with ten years of experience teaching at top business schools. I have a Ph.D. in economics from MIT and published research on innovation, entrepreneurship, trade, and productivity. I taught operations management, design thinking, and business strategy at Harvard Business School, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and Boston University. In 2021, I left my tenure track position at Georgia Tech after shifting my interests toward art and creativity. I now work on a variety of writing projects while building a private intuitive reading business. My husband and I live in downtown Boston, and we love traveling on the road, spending time in nature, and watching old movies. I am also an avid player of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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In Progress - [︎︎︎ Musings on the Impertinent and Ephemeral ]

In Progress - [︎︎︎ Whispers of A Soothing Heart ]

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In Progress & Coming Soon - Hoppy, Joy, Sprout

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