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I’m an author and consultant who lives in New England with my husband. I love making websites and writing poetry. I also love nature.

Pian Shu, PhD


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The Four Noble Truths (苦·集·灭·道)

Spring 2023

Sadness is the Echo of         …love
          A quiet string, perturbed      by
          incessant needs   for a gush

The inquisitive one hops to avoid disturbance
        The timid drowns in their own tears, (O’ how delicious!)
The eloquent demands silent acquiescence…
               All this to entertain a crowd that
                     minds nobody’s business

Voices leaving space, leaving shores behind
        Crashes Crumble, ripples ripple, Dusts


with a moon that stays stationery

            up in the dark sky

gushing how all this time, sadness is just Love.

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